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Oil & Gas Contractors

As an oil and gas contractor, it is important that you have the appropriate insurance policy in place to be assured that you are protected against the unexpected. There are so many potential liabilities related to the oil and gas industry, standard coverage is not enough to keep you protected.

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Types of Oil & Gas Insurance Available

For oil and gas contractors, there are two primary types of coverage for you to consider. These types of specialized oil insurance are off-shore and on-shore general liability coverage. Even though these two coverage types may overlap in some areas, there are certain distinctions that should be noted.

With an on-shore oil and gas insurance policy, you are covered for surveying, drilling and maintenance of your oil rigs and wells that are on dry land. On the other hand, an off-shore policy will ensure you are protected in all of your oil & Gas Operations that are based on the water. The location where you do your work determines the type of policy that you need. A friendly and knowledgeable broker at Toole Peet Insurance will be happy to explain the aspects of each policy type to you so you can make the most informed decision when purchasing your oil insurance.

Another type of coverage that oil and gas contractors often take into consideration for purchase is environmental coverage. Although this type of endorsement is not necessarily considered to be general, it will provide you with protection in the event that any of your oil and gas work results in an accident that causes environmental damage.

Solve your Contractor Insurance Compliance Problems Now

Managing the insurance compliance of your Oil & Gas Contractors takes up valuable time and resources – yet may still leave your company at risk of coverage shortfalls. Lloyd Sadd offers an On-line Oil & Gas Contractors Insurance Program (OGCIP) designed to make life easier for busy Oil & Gas producers and their service contractors.

6 Reasons why the OGCIP is your solution

1. Ensures full compliance with your corporation’s mandated insurance requirements for contractors working on your behalf
2. Preferential insurance rates
3. On-line access for 24/7 quotes and policies
4. Reduced administration knowing the OGCIP is a compliant insurance solution
5. Enhanced business relationships with your valued contractors
6. Customizable OGCIP marketing material for distribution to your contractors

Coverage highlights

• Commercial General Liability
• Sudden & Accidental Pollution Liability
• Forest Fire Fighting Expenses
• Non-Owned Automobile Liability
Coverage limits are available up to $5,000,000 unless otherwise stated above

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