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Acupuncturist Program

Lloyd Sadd Insurance Brokers Ltd. is pleased to provide a custom insurance program to current (or applying to be) Acupuncturists.


Medical Malpractice, also known as Errors and Omissions liability or Professional Liability responds to claims arising from your work as a Acupuncturist. It responds to third-party claims of negligence on your part -whether actual or alleged -during the course of your work as a Acupuncturist. The policy responds to claims of damage caused by the administration of professional services, services or care rendered incorrectly, or the failure to administer care when it is required. It also includes coverage for legal expenses associated with investigating and defending the allegations.

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  • $0 Deductible & no program aggregate
  • Robust coverage extensions for member protection, including but not limited to:
    • Abuse Defense Costs -$50,000/$100,000 Annual Aggregate, Alleged
    • Criminal Acts Defence Costs -$100,000/$100,000 Annual Aggregate, Punitive Damages -$100,000
    • Loss of Earnings -$1,000/Day
    • Therapy & Counselling Endorsement -$75,000/$75,000 Annual Aggregate
  • Unlimited Legal services hotline with Miller Thomson available to all policy holders
  • Disciplinary Expense Coverage is provided to members for a limit of $25,000 per incident with a $50,000 Annual Aggregate
  • Options to pick your coverage that is right for you as the member
  • Medical Malpractice coverage: $2M or $5M per claim, $2M or $5M per member annual aggregate limit
  • Claims service is provided by specialists with years of experience in the Medical Malpractice space who will work with the member and handle the claims process
  • TCM & Herbology Services included in coverage if under 10% of members annual revenue
  • General Liability Coverage available with $2M or $5M Limits with the ability to add employees to coverage
  • Good Samaritan Endorsement included in coverage.
  • $425 annual premium + $25 fee ($2,000,000 Medical Malpractice Limit)