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Community Investment & Sponsorships

Lloyd Sadd is proud to support numerous initiatives in our community. Each year we donate over $75,000 to local and regional charities. We fund raise for our Lloyd Sadd Community Fund through internal events such as our summer barbecue series, holiday fundraisers and client conferences. We also participate in a number of our non-profit clients fundraising events and initiatives.

Our Promise to the Community

At Lloyd Sadd, we consider corporate social responsibility to be a fundamental principle, recognizing that our success is a product of the communities in which we are active. To uphold this principle throughout our organization and make meaningful contributions to our community, we have introduced the Lloyd Sadd Community Fund.

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Apply for Lloyd Sadd Support

If you are seeking for support from Lloyd Sadd, we kindly ask you to apply through either our Community Partnerships or Corporate Sponsorships form and provide us with the details of your opportunity. To streamline our process, we only consider requests submitted through one of these forms.


Please allow a minimum of 1 month for our committee to review your opportunity and you will be contacted directly if we require further information or if your opportunity has been selected.


Thank you for contacting us with your request.


Community Partnerships

We support non-profit or for-profit organizations with initiatives that can make an impact in our communities. Apply through our Community Partnerships form to get started.

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Corporate Sponsorships

We welcome sponsorship opportunities that can be a mutually beneficial partnership. This can be achieved through tangible benefits, engagement opportunities, and/or more. Apply through our Corporate Sponsorships form to get started.

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