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NSA Canada Insurance Program

Lloyd Sadd offers the NSA Canada an insurance program to the league, all of its directors and individual teams.

NSA Canada Insurance Program

Lloyd Sadd Insurance provides an excellent Insurance program for NSA Canada. The Program not only insures the league and all its directors, it also insures the individual teams. This way, the team’s insurance covers them no matter where they play or practice in Canada. This page is dedicated to ensuring there is an understanding of the insurance program as well as for client service. You may apply for additional coverage, request certificates of insurance and report claims all online. Please note ** There is no form of wage loss insurance associated with this insurance program**

Please note that any applicable deductibles due under any of the NSA policies will be the responsibility of the member organization involved in the claim and not the NSA”.

For further information on Membership and Sanctioning please contact Darlene at 905-546-0501 or by email at darlene@nsacanada.ca or info@nsacanada.ca

Who is an Insured?

The association, leagues, clubs, affiliated teams, directors, officers, coaches, managers, officials, NSA Sanctioned umpires, players, volunteers and employees.

Activities Covered?

NSA Sanctioned Practices, games, tournaments, related training activities and related approved travel.

$5MM Primary Liability Insurance Protection

This coverage will pay on behalf of the insured and the additional insured where applicable, all sums which the insured shall become legally obligated to pay as compensatory damages for actual bodily injury to participants, spectators and other members of the public and for property damage that the insured shall become legally obligated to pay by reason of liability imposed by law.


Covers League windup banquet only. If additional Liquor Liability is required please Click the link to apply for coverage below. Contact us at nsainsurance-tp@lloydsadd.com if there are any questions about this coverage or form.  Please call Lloyd Sadd Insurance directly to process payment over the phone for Liquor liability. Do not provide your credit card details over email.

Sports Accident Insurance

Provides protection during games, practices, team/club travel. One plan covers all participants, coaches, members, executives and field officials throughout the entire season. limits apply to certain sports accident claims**Please note ** There is no form of wage loss insurance associated with this insurance program**


Benefit is for the event of death $15,000


In the event of the loss of use of hands, arms or legs, quadriplegia, paraplegia, or hemiplegia; loss of speech and/or hearing; and dismemberment Benefits as scheduled $30,000


For the cost of prescription drugs, ambulance, hospital services in excess of standard ward accommodations, physiotherapy, chiropractor, private duty nurse (RN), crutches, splints, medical braces and trusses incurred within 52 weeks of the accident.


For repair or replacement when damaged from an accident which required the insured person to receive treatment $200.00


For dental treatment resulting from injury to whole and sound natural teeth up to $5,000.00


Damage or breakage of removable dentures, fixed bridgework, and/or capped (crowned tooth or teeth) occurs as a result of injury $1,000.00


Prosthetic Appliance benefit, Rehabilitation benefit, Tuition Benefit, Special Treatment Travel Expense Benefit, Out of Province Surgical and Accident Benefit, Emergency Transportation Benefit, Future Anticipated Dental Expense, Fracture Benefit, Babysitting, Part Time Youth Wage loss, Other Travel Benefits, Group Accident Insurance for Volunteers and Directors, Volunteer Team and Individual Disability Insurance Program and Contingency Insurance.


Call for special rates while travelling in the US. Please note when traveling to the US, you must notify NSA Canada Head Office and submit a roster of players, coach and any team participants.


Membership & Sanctioning

For further information on Membership and Sanctioning please contact Darlene at 905-546-0501 or click the contact buttons below. 

Lloyd Sadd Insurance Team

Click the button below to email the team dedicated to the NSA Insurance Program

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Apply for Liquor Liability

If your team will be holding an event where liquor will be served click to apply for a liquor liability policy. Your application will be forwarded to our team for approval and you will be contacted to make payment by credit card. We only accept payment by credit card. Please do not email your credit card details and wait for us to call you as it is not safe to email your credit card details.

Liquor Liability Application Form


Request a Certificate of Insurance

Players liability certificates are available for request online. Click the link to complete the request form. Once submitted your request is reviewed by NSA to ensure that you are an official team as well as in sanctioned status with them. Certificates are reviewed during business hours and we endeavor to send them to you as soon as possible. Please allow 48 business hours from the time of your request to receive your certificate. If that time has passed please email the team at nsainsurance-tp@lloydsadd.com

Click the link below to get started – you will be emailed a code to verify your email address so we can ensure your certificate gets to you.

Certificate of Insurance Request Form


Claims Forms and Instructions

If you have suffered a loss please read the claim instructions in order to file a claim and to ensure prompt processing of your claim.  Please call us if you have any questions or concerns surrounding a claim.