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Manufacturing Industry

Risk management and insurance advice from trusted experts in the manufacturing industry.

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Lloyd Sadd provides insurance solutions customized for businesses in the manufacturing and distribution industries. With more than 20 years of experience and in-house expertise, we take time to understand the moving parts of our clients’ operations — especially their integrated supply chain management. This allows us to identify where the risks lie and to create a tailor-made risk management plan that can reduce both the likelihood and impact of threats.

Over the years, we’ve steadily grown our practice and we now serve more than 100 manufacturing and distribution clients throughout Alberta (many of which operate across Canada and the U.S.). We’ve accomplished this by developing partnerships with key industry associations, allowing us to expand our knowledge of our clients’ business challenges. This knowledge allows us to uncover hidden risks, prevent losses, manage claim costs, and ultimately, improve our clients’ bottom lines.

Our list of services is long and includes: contract review, environmental exposure analysis, importers and exporters risk analysis, in-house fleet risk management services, in-house loss control and risk management services, spoilage or consequential loss coverage, production machinery coverage, mergers and acquisitions risk analysis, first and third party recall coverage, supply-chain risk management, worldwide placement, and more.

In today’s economic climate, manufacturing and distribution businesses contend with a host of challenges. Lloyd Sadd’s risk management and insurance services can restore confidence and help your business continue to build into the future. Contact us to find out more about how we can help.

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