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New Horizon Mall Insurance Program

Lloyd Sadd offers an entirely online application and renewal process for landlords owning unit(s) at the New Horizon Mall.

New Horizon Mall Insurance Program

NOTICE: Renewals for this program are effective May 1st – You will receive an email requesting to renew your policy in the first week of April. This policy doesn’t automatically renew. IF YOUR EMAIL HAS CHANGED PLEASE COMPLETE THE CHANGE REQUEST FORM BELOW TO HAVE YOUR RENEWAL EMAIL REDIRECTED.


Welcome to the client service portal dedicated to landlords owing unit(s) at the New Horizon Mall. Lloyd Sadd offers an entirely online application and renewal process for members of the program.


Service Commitment

Service for this program is available online only in an effort to keep the costs for your insurance as low as possible.  Please view the following client service options.  All this means is that if you submit a request on the weekend, or at night it will be the first in our pile to review the next day! A team member will respond over the phone or email to address any concern you may have within 24-48 hrs during business days.  We strive to provide the same customer service we provide in person online.

Note: Requests to change data entered incorrectly on a policy will result in a $15.00 Administration fee to keep the cost for the entire program as low as possible.  There will be no charge for new changes made to the policy such as changes to your contact details or address.

Change Request


Please email us at for any other questions or concerns about your insurance policy.


New Applicants

If you are a new owner of a unit(s) in the New Horizon Mall and would like to enroll in our insurance program please apply online via the link below. Eligible owners will be able to complete the full process to obtain an insurance policy via said link. If for any reason you are unable to complete the process a representative from our office will contact you in 24-48 business hours. If you are also operating a business out of your unit please contact us to apply for separate appropriate insurance for your business operations.


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