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Group Retirement & Pension

High quality employees are seeking a well-rounded group retirement program as part of their overall compensation. All things being equal, job seekers will choose an employer with a superior retirement package. Whatever your financial picture, you’ll need a strategic plan unique to your needs.

Lloyd Sadd's financial advisory team will tailor a group retirement plan specific to your business. We carry a wide array of retirement products and a creative approach to reach the best plan for you.

Why Lloyd Sadd Retirement Plans?


  • Peace of mind knowing their retirement is being taken care of.
  • Easy & hands-free retirement saving.
  • Low fees mean more money in their pocket.
  • Personalized access to Vanta investment support.

Company benefits

  • Retain your best employees.
  • Gain a competitive advantage when recruiting new employees.
  • Show your employees you care.

Common Misconceptions About Group Retirement

My company is too small to offer a plan.

This is the most common obstacle holding business owners back, and it’s simply not true. Whether you have a handful of employees or many – you qualify.

To match or not to match.

Can you afford employer-matching contributions? Well, you don’t have to. It’s a common misconception that businesses must match employee contributions, but the reality is you are not required to match. Employees will still benefit from lower fees offered through the group platform.

I can’t afford it.

There are no direct employer costs associated with implementing a retirement plan. All fees come from the fund’s investment fees.